Share your BEST Summertime memories with us for a chance to win a free Summertime Salad!

Block parties, jumping off the high dive at the pool, camping, no school, catching fire flies…Summertime evokes nostaglic memories in all of us. What’s your all-time favorite Summertime memory? Share them with us and others for a chance to win a FREE Summertime Salad. They’re simply scrumptious and are inspired by the flavors and tastes of summer like fresh fruit, corn on the cob and barbecues.

Backyard Barbecue Chicken

Very Berry Spinach

The top 20 memories will win. All you have to do is share them with us by midnight tomorrow, 6/22. We can’t wait to read them while wearing our flip flops and eating a popsicle!

53 Responses to Share your BEST Summertime memories with us for a chance to win a free Summertime Salad!

  1. Lori says:

    When I was about 3 and my brother was 10, he told me to look in the end of a hose for 30 seconds. While I was doing so – he ran over and turned the water on full blast. Not a happy moment at the time, but certainly makes me laugh now! :)

  2. Natasha pulido says:

    My favorite summertime memory of noodles and company is spending every friday night there with my son for the past two summers. He always wants the macaroni and cheese and i always get the penne rosa. We spend about an hour each time. He loves watching the people come and go and loves flirting with the girls. He will be 2 years old on thursday and we expect to spend it at noodles and company as well. Whenever we drive by a noodles and company my son says momma noodles. He only calls for noodles and company. We have a great summer tradition which includes noodles & company.

  3. my favorite summer memory is… Going camping and canoing in Minnesota. It had just stormed really bad the night before we arrived to our beginning point. We had to prtage our canoes over and under fallen trees. We basically forged our own trails. It was a blast. Oh yeah we also had to visits the restroom wherever we chose. One of my friends day found a few random pieces of wood and made us a toilet ,using duct tape. It was an adventure.

  4. Hanna Anderson says:

    best summer memory would have to be just waking up to a sunny day. And I remember having breakfast on my deck. I was happy to finially be out of school. Me and my nieghbor got outlr bikes and biked from like 9am till 9pm everywhere! Lakes, creeks, pools and parks. Just enjoyed the whether! enjoyed the smells of bbqs and fresh air!

  5. My family had a special summer tradition when I was growing up. Every June, just around the same time as the lightning bugs were starting their evening dances to the songs of the Cicadas, my dad and I would jump into his old car and we’d drive out of town to the “U-pick” blueberry patch. We’d spend all morning out in the fields gathering huge, plump blueberries, listening to the bobwhite quails and the red-winged black birds.

    When I was really small, I would turn over one of the berry buckets, place it under a blueberry bush, and sit myself down on it and start picking berries. Sometimes my dad would joke that I ate more blueberries than I put in my bucket. He says that he once heard me chanting, “One for the bucket, two for me!” as I worked away. And he might have heard correctly, because there’s nothing like a freshly picked, sun-warmed Missouri blueberry. At the end of the day, we’d bring home our buckets of blueberries and Mom would make blueberry pies, blueberry muffins and even blueberry ice cream. Then she’d jar enough preserves to last the winter.

    To this day, the taste of blueberries brings me back to those fields and the happy memories.

  6. Malsma Rajbhandari says:

    Warner lake with my gals all day long and noodles n company for lunch…FUN :)

  7. Kam A says:

    My favorite summertime memories are when we used to go with my grandparents out on the flowage. They had a pontoon boat and we would drive it out to an island for a picnic lunch and to swim. I used to love when I got to steer the boat. My grandpa had a Captain’s Hat that we each got to wear when it was our turn to drive.

  8. Tricia Haugeto says:

    My favorite summertime memory was in high school as an exchange student in Sweden. I went on a camping trip where we were able to canoe all night since it’s light out through the night. From the canoes on a beautiful lake, we watched the sun set and then rise shortly there after. It was just fantastic!

    BTW, I love the new very berry spinach salad, so I really hope I’m one of the winners.

  9. Beth says:

    I don’t have a favorite memory but things that make me think of summers while I was growing up:

    staying out until the street lights came on.
    catching lightning bugs.
    the sound of baseball on the radio on long car trips.
    lemonade stands.
    staying at the pool all day long.
    riding our bikes into town.

  10. Liz says:

    My favorite summertime memories are when I go to the amusement park w/ friends. :)

  11. teakat says:

    Ahhh… Summer. One of my favorite memories was pulling off the road to take a walk near Boulder Creek last summer. I watched as my husband taught our three young children how to skip rocks in the clear water. They squealed in delight as they put their feet in the cold stream. It was our first family trip to Colorado and where we first ate Noodles. Yum!

  12. Megan says:

    My favorite summer memory is gardening with my mom. When I was little I remember getting all ready in gardening gloves, sunglasses, hat and my rain boots, and gardening in her all her gardens.

  13. Tricia Haugeto says:

    My favorite summertime memory was in high school when I was an exchange student in Sweden. We went on a camping trip and were able to canoe all night since it stays light out through the night. We watched the sun set and then come right back up again shorty thereafter. It was just beautiful and fantastic!

    BTW, I Love, love love the new very berry spinach salad. Lots of yummy flavors all mixed together.

  14. Kerry G says:

    Lunch at Noodles, then a long walk along the river with my husband…then s’mores around the campfire at night!

  15. Donna says:

    My best summer memories always involve camping. Nothing better than living simply, cooking over a campfire, hiking etc. I was fortunate to grow up along the Hudson River at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Now I’m lucky to live near the great Susquahana River. Love the outdoors– and I love Noodles!

  16. Kelly says:

    My favorite summertime memory is having friends over out by our bonfire:) Great drinks, food and company!

  17. Lindsey says:

    Some of my best summertime memories include eating popsicles and drinking sweet tea (that was sun-brewed!) with my grandparents on the porch of their house. They had a porch swing, and if you were lucky, you could create a sort of fake breeze by swinging quickly. As a kid on vacation at my grandparents’ house, it was the best, and in retrospect, a great quality time activity with them.

  18. Vicki Hamilton says:

    I lived a very simple life when I was young in rural Indiana. The best summertime memories for me are catching lightning bugs and putting them in a jar next to my bed and falling asleep with the windows open with a cool, gentle breeze blowing and the sounds of crickets singing their sweet night songs.

  19. Sharon Naylor says:

    When growing up we used to have a really big 4th of July celebration at my Dad and his brothers farm. They would dig a big pit to cook a whole hog in and everyone would bring side dishes to share. We usually had a band play, motorcycle races, fireworks, a water slide that would do down a hill and end in the lake and even the beer truck came. It finally got to where there were too many people that no one even knew that would show up so they had to shut the party down. Great memories though.

  20. Dave says:

    My favorite memory is camping with my family,roasting hotdogs over a campfire & going fishing with my dad.

  21. Karie says:

    My favorite memory was made last night as I watched my 2 year old grandson laugh, run and smile while chasing fire flies around the backyard.

  22. Brittany says:

    my favorite summer memory with noodles is a funny story. My sister was staying with me and now husband and we took her out for supper, her first time at noodles. she ordered, really liked it, and noticed there was one wrong noodle in her bowl. no worries, but I told her that you get a free meal whenever that happens. she got up to go tell someone, but I stopped her since she is shy and would have been embarrassed, but it was still pretty funny that she fell for it.

  23. Patricia Sigmond says:

    I say my favorite summertime memory is going to the Lake sometimes in Summer. I don’t live near a lake, but on my moms side of family my grandpa sister family owns three houses up near a lake, and when we go up there. I get to see my extended family, sometimes all of them if its a family reunion. Most fun part is getting to swim in lake, every house and hotels have their own little part in the lake where we can swim in. Even we get to take the boat out, and do a boat ride. Fun part doing that is water tubing, I love to tube in water, to have the water splashing in your face, and going into the air when you hit a bump. :)

  24. Kate says:

    Ahhh… Summer. One of my favorite memories was pulling off the road to take a walk near Boulder Creek last summer. I watched as my husband taught my three young children how to skip rocks in the clear water. They squealed in delight as they put their feet in the cold stream. It was our first family trip to Colorado and where we first ate Noodles. Yum!

  25. cindy gilliam says:

    my favorite summertime memory is grandma’s garden! Grandma lived next door to us and her garden was HUGE and took up most of the yard between our houses. I would help her plant, water, weed and pick the vegetables. We would snap beans together and talk for hours on the breezeway. She would make beans with bacon in the pressure cooker almost every day through the summer. I would also eat the juice tomatoes right off of the vine, rubbing the dirt on my pants and eating them whole. She would have to chase me out of the garden so she would still have them in the garden. That is what summer is all about!

  26. Ellen Parker says:

    My favorite summer memories are when we drove up to West Michigan to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp to watch our daughter play her violin at the end of her camp session. Then we would spend time in Grand Haven. What a beautiful part of the state.

  27. Chris Schell says:

    My favorite memory is of running around a campfire, waving sticks with orange glowing tips through the air. We used to try to spell names and make designs in the night sky. Of course, this was after roasting (or torching) marshmallows on that same bent branch. Ah, Summer!

  28. carolyn alt says:

    When I was 8 years old we spent every day from sun up to sun down at our local neighborhood swimming pool. It was nothing fancy but we could walk there and ALL our friends would be there all day long too. The lifeguards were very good at putting up with us and one night I wanted to make something for them so I made homemade macaroni and cheese (the real thing, not kraft) and walked down to the pool with oven mitts on and a casserole dish of delicious mac & cheese topped with toasty bread crumbs. They eat every single bite, and I was the happiest 8 year old in the world that night!

  29. JoAnn Hermann says:

    I can’t decide on just one memory! I have so many good ones. 1. Mom’s garden-going out to the garden with a salt shaker in hand and picking a tomato to eat 2. Hearing the cicadias (which I do right now :) ) 3. Swimming ALL DAY 4. Watching them spray the trees for mosquitoes 5. Lake time 6. Smelling fresh mowed grass. 7. Sleeping late! I love summer!

  30. Janine F. says:

    My favorite memories are of hot, sweaty evenings in the dead of a humid Midwestern summer. Running around with shoes off on the cool grass until sweat poured down my face, cooling off by laying down in it and, as dusk fell, watching fireflies light up the wooded area behind the backyard. It was the epitome of childhood summertime and I hope it’s still attainable for current and future generations.

  31. Claire says:

    My favorite summer time memory is going to Nisswa, MN to a resort. We have been going up there for over 20 years. I get giddy just driving into the parking lot! We love their nightly bonfires, paddle boating at sunset, and turtle races (yes, just like it sounds) up in the little town on Wednesday mornings! I have a smile on my face just writing this :)

  32. EricS says:

    Going out to the summer concerts. There’s something magical about going out on a warm summer’s night to see a band put on the best show you’ve ever seen under the stars.

  33. Shirah says:

    Every summer my family and I would go to our vacation house in Phoenix. May seem weird to go there in the summer, but it was fantastic! We would swim in the pool, play mini golf at night when it was cool, travel to Tombstone and Disneyland. It was always sunny and pleasant being surrounded by cactus and palm trees.

  34. monica says:

    My favorite memory is every summer we would go to Michigan farms and go pick fresh blueberries, raspberries, and my favorite strawberries. I would eat some on the drive back home. My grandma would then make these delicious pastries with them. I would always help her.

  35. Jodi says:

    I just started dating my husband and wanted to prove to him that I was an outdoors girl. Our second date was clif jumping (into the water) in a rural town of Wisconsin. First jump for me, I landed just right on my butt and created an enourmous bruise. Not only did I spend the rest of the day in pain, I started a new job the next day. I had to sit on a “donut” for the whole first week at my new job. 12 years later, it’s still one of the most memorable summer moments for both of us! It brings a smile to both of our faces!!!

  36. David says:

    Picking tomatoes with my mom. It was a summer event she and I shared each and every year and it has always had a special place in my heart. Love you mom!!!

  37. (another!) Monica says:

    My BEST Summertime memory is of being at a music festival in Nashville right on the river front a couple years ago. Listening to breezy music while sinking my bare feet deep into the cool grass. The bands played atop a barge where the General Jackson paddlewheel steamboat made an awesome backdrop as it floated down the Cumberland river into the cool night. From the banks we all waved back at the passengers who greeted us with excited waves.

  38. Ernest says:

    As a kid I remember being so happy that school was out for the summer. Planning all the fun stuff you will be doing with friends and family trips you would be taking. My parents though made sure we stayed disciplined and made us volunteer our time for community organizations – like animal shelters and food pantries. I look back now and think that may have been the highlights of those summers!

  39. Sean says:

    catching fireflies and wonderful homemade ice cream are two of my favorite summer memories.

  40. Chad says:

    My favorite summertime memories are spending all day at the beach surfing and hanging with friends. We’d end the day by getting a bite to eat at a local joint or at one of our houses. We’d get to look forward to doing it again the next day. Sand between your toes, cool water, rolling surf…I miss those days.

  41. Melinda says:

    My favorite summer memory is spending time with my Grandma. We would shoot bow and arrows in the back yard, pick fresh veggies from the garden, make jelly from the mustang grapes and dew berries we picked growing wild. I often wish my kids could experience running barefoot all summer and coming home with a shirt stained with the juice from wild berries.

  42. Priyanka says:

    My favorite summer memory comes from the summer of 2003, when I made a visit home. Summer is mango season in India. That summer was extra ordinarily fun, because we made a trip out to a mango farm. When I made the trip home, we visited these beautiful mango farms, where they had all sorts of luscious mango cuisines. Mornings started with mangoes in salads, smoothies, cut mangos with cream and continued through the day. When our stay was almost over, we would go to the farm and pick the mangoes to take back home. It is this summer memory that makes me happy.
    Thinking about Noodles and Company makes me just as happy!

  43. Jan Ryder says:

    Summer! Oh my… the seasons seem to bring out the best in giving me new perspectives with pictures..
    observing the birds, with new inspiration of poetry
    & opportunities to see past the walls in our home to the nature outside that blossoms around me & that is provided to gaze upon. I love to go on trails & walk & see & take new photo shots to share & build new & unique memories for the day.People say they should be made into postards but for me, I just go & take them in. Thank you!

  44. Lindsey says:

    The BEST memories were at the community pool! Getting up at the crack of dawn for swimming practice, staying up late at swim meets on Friday nights, and all of the swimming, snacks, and sunburns in between!

  45. John Pavol says:

    My favorite memory is picking red and black raspberries from my parent’s back yard. We baked and cooked all sorts of yummy stuff – pies, cakes and jams.

  46. Joe Sterne says:

    My favorite summertime memory was backpacking with my Boy Scout troop. After a weekend of 20 miles on the AT- fast food never tasted so good :-)

    Too bad noodles and co wasn’t around then.

  47. Ellen says:

    My favorite summertime memory is going up to the western part of the state to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and watching my daughter play violin the last day of camp at her concert.

  48. Norman says:

    One of my favorite memories of the summertime is BBQing hot dogs with my family on the beach in Rhode Island. It’s always a fun time.

  49. Patricia Bodi says:

    Favorite time in summer is Michigan Camp Meeting last part of June — Nine days of inspiration in rural setting with so many exciting speakersand workshops, too. 5K run/walk on Sunday. Meeting up with old friends and making new ones!! Lots of good vegetarian food — veggie burgers, soy sundaes, etc. Umm good!! Who could ask for more???

  50. Shelly says:

    Favorite Summer time memory is at our family reunion 4 years ago in South Dakota. One evening about 15 “cousins” under thirteen were in the creek catching crawdads, snakes & other creatures. They had so much fun catching them & learning about them. They showed them off to the entire familly with several screams of course!

  51. Martha says:

    My favorite summertime memory is swinging on a tire swing attached to a huge willow tree at our old family home in the country. No worries, no work, no school – it’s summer!!

  52. Quincy says:

    Favorite vacation spot in Northern Wisconsin with other families doing scavenger hunts, learning to swim and water ski, canoe, find pretty rocks in shallow waters, and cookouts, and marshmellow gatherings at night by the lake.


  53. Martha says:

    Swinging on a tire under a willow tree with no worries about school, work, etc.

    Summer freedom!~

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