Japanese Pan Noodles

Japanese Pan Noodles
  • Description
  • Nutrition
    • Caramelized udon noodles in a sweet soy sauce, broccoli, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, Asian sprouts, black sesame seeds and cilantro

      Try with marinated steak

      Rated 1 Spiciness Vegetarian Dish

    • Dish Profile

      Caramelized, Dairy-free, Meatless, Soy, Spicy, Sweet, Traditional, Watching cholesterol
    • 690 Calories

      Small: 340 Calories

    • Levels of Spiciness = Spicy = Vegetarian: excludes meat and fish.
  • Regular Size | Small Size

    Calories 690 | 340
    Calories from fat 160 | 80
    Total fat 18g | 9g
    Saturated fat 1.5g | 1g
    Trans fat 0g | 0g
    Cholesterol 0mg | 0mg
    Sodium 2010mg | 1010mg
    Total Carbohydrates 112g | 56g
    Dietary Fiber 6g | 3g
    Sugars 23g | 12g
    Protein 14g | 7g

    Nutrition information is for dish pictured.

  • Cholesterol Watch

    No cholesterol. No kidding.

  • Off the Dairy Farm

    Dairy-free eating just got a whole lot more interesting. Order it as-is (or may we suggest adding chicken or tofu?).

  • Non-Meat Eaters, Rejoice!

    We love adding our organic tofu to this inspired Asian recipe. Or just order it plain for a meatless meal fit for all.

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