Privacy Policy

AT NOODLES & COMPANY WE UNDERSTAND your privacy is important to you and we want to let you know how we will not use your Private Personally Identifiable Information. As you read this, please understand we may update this page from time to time and so you may want to check this page in the future to review any changes. If you use our site or sign up for emails from Noodles & Company, you are agreeing to our policies, terms and conditions set forth on the site, including this policy.

It is our policy not to sell your Private Personally Identifiable Information (defined below) you provide to us via this website or our Noodlegram email program to any third parties that are not related to Noodles & Company or its affiliates, or subsequent owners of them. If you provide your credit card information to us for a transaction over the web, it is also our policy to charge your credit card only for the amount and for the transaction we understand you have authorized. We will use information about you in a variety of ways, for example, for promotions, to complete your transactions, to communicate with you, conduct and administer sweepstakes, contests or other promotions, to assist us in marketing analysis and efforts and other ways. It’s that simple. And in the case of privacy policies, simple is good.

There is a lot of other information typically provided in privacy policies that explains things like “cookies,” web beacons, use of the site by children, how we come to have your information, etc. We have included some of that type of information for you below, as we understand it. Please do not rely on this page as a complete list of such things because new ways to electronically acquire your information and other web-related things are developed or changed regularly and we may not update this page every time one comes around. Also, definitions of cookies, web beacons, etc. are available in various levels of details at other places on the web, so we have not duplicated that information here. We would rather spend our time making great food for your next visit.

Some Ways We May Come To Have Your Information Via Our Website: We may come to have information about you via this website or our Noodlegram email program if you choose to provide us with such information. You may choose not to provide us with certain information, but this may limit the features you can use or the functionality of the Website. Additionally, if you enter our site, we may receive some information about you due to cookies, click streams, our receipt of your IP address, web beacons, software designed to track traffic to our site and other technological ways that your information is received by our computers. We may also receive information about you if you enter our site from another site’s link. Some of the information may be private, personally identifiable information about you that you have provided to us and that you generally keep private (“Private Personally Identifiable Information”). Much of the information is not Private Personally Identifiable Information about you, such as aggregate information about the number of unique users who accessed our site on any given day or information that you have not generally kept private, like your love of Japanese Pan Noodles, for example. We also do not consider Private Personally Identifiable Information any information that we have separated from information that identifies you. For example, if we conduct a survey and 100 people tell us they prefer to use their Visa┬« card over any other credit card choice; we would not consider that aggregate information from which we have separated your name to be Private Personally Identifiable Information. Children. We love children. Many of us at Noodles & Company have lots of them and we love it when they come to our restaurants to enjoy their favorite noodle bowl. That’s why we make Wisconsin Mac & Cheese┬« and rice krispy treats – for children of all ages. Our website, however, is a general audience site and we do not knowingly or intentionally seek any personal information about or from children under the age of 13. We encourage you to monitor your children if they visit our site so that they do not provide any such information.

Links To Other Sites. We may have links to other sites. We are not aware of, nor do we monitor, other sites’ privacy policies or how well they comply with their policies. We accept no responsibility for such sites’ policies, terms and conditions, or the content on those sites. We encourage you to review and understand their privacy policies before providing them with private information.

Changes To Your Account, Opt-Out Of Promotions, and Questions. If you would like to change any information on your account or if you do not want to receive any electronic promotional information from us, please email We may nonetheless contact you from time to time to provide services or products you request, for customer service matters, and to provide you notice of any changes to our policies or existing services.