Korean BBQ Meatballs
  • = Spicy

Korean BBQ Meatballs with Gochujang (go-choo-jang) Sauce

Spicy, Savory, Sweet, Traditional

Flavorful meatballs tossed with a sweet and spicy Korean-style Gochujang (go-choo-jang) barbeque sauce. Order 10 or 5.

  • Regular 870 Calories
  • Small 430 Calories

2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request.

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Calories 870 430
Calories from fat 580 290
Total Fat 64g 32g
Saturated Fat 25g 12g
Trans Fat 2g 1g
Cholesterol 175mg 85mg
Sodium 2920mg 1460mg
Total Carbohydrates 37g 18g
Dietary Fiber 3g 1g
Sugars 21g 11g
Protein 36g 18g

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