Zoodles and Other Noodles

No preference too picky

Zoodles and other Noodles

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy Noodles. So if you’re gluten-sensitive, vegan, Keto or just plain hungry, now there’s new noodles and flavors for you.


Now there's a noodle to please every palate.

It’s time to get the best of both bowls. Our new Zoodles and Other Noodles menu has flavors and options for every diet, preference, pickiness and lifestyle. Whether you’re in the mood for our freshly-spiraled zucchini noodles or our tasty new gluten-free pipette shells that put noodles in your lunch plans again, we’re making sure everyone has a place at our table. After all, we’re not just Noodles, we’re Noodles For All.