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Made. Different.

We are Made. Different.

Since our first restaurant opened 20 years ago, we’ve always been about being real and giving families a comfortable space to come together and share a meal. You might be wondering, what does “REAL” mean to Noodles? So glad you asked. Below is a full explanation of what we mean when we say REAL Food. REAL Cooking. REAL Flavors. We’re all about transparency (we cook in an open kitchen!) and are excited to share even more of our story with you. Including what’s in our food, and more importantly everything that’s NOT in our food. Check out what it means to be Made. Different., and click these links to explore everything that’s in and out of our menu.

Made. Different.
  • Real Food.

    All the mmmms, aaaahhhs, and yummmmms you experience at Noodles & Company come from the complex, layered, flavors in our dishes. To ensure those flavors remain as bold as they were created to be, we’ve made sure all of the ingredients in our core menu items are free of artificial* preservatives, flavors, colors and sweeteners. And they always will be.

    Call our food philosophy old fashioned, but we’re always working to provide you the very best. We use food you can feel good about, like organic tofu, cage-free eggs and antibiotic-free, hormone-free pork and bacon. As the noodle authority, we know that doing it any other way doesn’t yield deliciously authentic noodles you can crave over and over again, and we’re absolutely dedicated to serving you the best noodles we can.

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  • Real Cooking.

    Real cooking, done everyday, right before your eyes. That’s how we do it at Noodles, because that is how food tastes the best – made fresh. We prep our vegetables, fresh, throughout the day. Your dish is handmade when you order, customized how you like it. We love putting the sizzle in your meal, so we sauté each dish to perfection in our big blue pans. Why do we spend so much time with our Noodles? So you can spend more time with your family.

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  • Real Flavors.

    Here, flavors don’t come from a packet or a can. They are created from globally-inspired recipes and fresh ingredients. That’s what makes the global flavors in our complex sauces, soups and dressings so unique and memorable. We are inspired by how the world makes food and want to share that variety with you. The colorful mosaic of ingredients is what adds the real, craveable flavor. From the turmeric, lemongrass and coriander in our coconut curry broth and the herbaceous basil in our pesto, from the acidic tang of tomato and the sweet sherry in our stroganoff sauce to the spicy yogurt tang in our Med Salad dressing, there’s something deliciously different about the real flavors at Noodles.

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Making food with the best ingredients has been our commitment since day one. We launched the company in 1995 with Organic Tofu. We’ve since added select antibiotic-free meats and hormone-free dairy products. Moving forward, we will be working to add even more naturally raised proteins and dairy to our menu*.

*As we continually strive to evolve and improve, this is subject to change.

  • October 1995

    Opened first Noodles & Company with Organic Tofu

  • October 2012

    Introduced naturally raised pork nationwide

  • October 2013

    Introduced hormone-free MontAmore© cheese

  • May 2014

    All in-house cooking done with hormone-free cream

  • November 2014

    Introduced antibiotic-free chicken in all Colorado restaurants

  • October 2015

    Introduced naturally raised bacon and removed all artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and sweeteners from core menu** items

  • November 2015

    Launched hormone-free cheddar jack cheese, Parmesan, Feta and butter in restaurants nationwide

  • February 2016

    Introduced meatballs never given hormones or antibiotics

  • **Excludes select beverages, cookies, and rice crispies