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Check below for answers to frequently asked questions about our NoodlesREWARDS program.


  • As a NoodlesREWARDS Member you’re in-the-know on all things Noodles & Company – World Kitchen. Menu updates, special Sneak Peek invitations, Reward Member Tastings and Sweepstakes – plus Bonus Perks for being a FAN of Noodles! And, as if that’s not delicious enough, with each visit you’ll work your way into surprise rewards like FREE Menu items, Noodles swag, and Gift Cards.

  • No smartphone, no problem! Just click here to sign up or log in to use the Rewards program online. Please make sure you add your phone number to your account so you can provide it at the restaurant when ordering.

  • Please click here to see which states are participating in the rewards program.

  • Every Noodles & Company location is available for ordering on the app.

  • Yes, starting January 1st, 2018, birthday treats will start being delivered through NoodlesREWARDS. Make sure your birthday is in your profile in order to receive the special treat. It will be delivered to your account on your birthday and will be valid for two weeks.

  • Yes, the Rewards program is separate from our EClub. We encourage you to join both if you are not already a member. To join EClub, click here.

  • If you are still able to get to the menu in the top left corner of your app, please submit your question under “Need Help?” If you are not able to get to the menu, please contact us here.

  • Please contact us here.

  • You are able to change your email address in the app by going to the menu in the top left corner and clicking edit profile. From there you can erase your current email address and add your new one.

    If your account is linked to Facebook, you will be unable to change your email address as it is associated with your Facebook account. In that case, please contact us under the "Need Help?" section of the app.

Rewards and Redeeming

    • In-Restaurant
      • Navigate to the Rewards & News section of your app and click on the Reward, then click Redeem to scan the QR code. Make sure you are in the restaurant and ready to checkout when you pull up the reward on your phone. Otherwise, the Reward will go away and you will have to navigate to your Account History to retrieve it.
      • If you have registered your phone number in your NoodlesREWARDS profile, you can provide the Noodles Ambassador with your number and they will be able to pull up your available rewards. In order to check if your phone number is registered, click the Menu button in the top left corner of the app and then click Edit Profile. From there you can confirm if your number is there. If not, be sure to enter it for future redemptions. If you are using a desktop version, go to NoodlesREWARDS and sign in, then click Edit Profile to add your phone number.
    • In the App
      • Reward: On the checkout screen when placing your order, click Redeem under "Do you have any offers?" Click Redeem NoodlesREWARDS on the next screen and the Reward will appear if your order is valid (be sure to satisfy any minimum purchase requirements). You must be signed in to your account to redeem the offer.
      • Online Ordering Promo Code: Go through the same process listed above. Instead of clicking Redeem NoodlesREWARDS, click Coupon Code and manually enter the code when you are ready to checkout.
    • Online Ordering
      • Before checking out, you will see the available Rewards at the bottom of the screen. Click Apply Reward for the one you wish to use and it will be applied to your purchase. You must be signed in to your account to redeem the offer and meet minimum purchase requirements if the offer states so, otherwise the offer will not apply to your order.
  • Yes, each reward has a specific expiration date. You can view this under the Rewards & News tab in the app. The expiration date is listed at the bottom of the specific Reward. Make sure you are signed up for email and push notifications. We will send a reminder before your reward is about to expire.

  • If you accidentally click Redeem for your Reward and are not yet in a restaurant, you will still be able to use your reward. You will receive an email with a redemption code that you can provide to the Noodles Ambassador at the register.

    If you are at the restaurant and the app closed or you lose the screen with the QR code, you can bring up the reward in your Account History.

    • Click the menu button in the top left corner of the app.
    • Click Account History.
    • Click the reward you were trying to redeem and the QR code will reappear for the Noodles Ambassador to scan.
  • No, if you are redeeming a Reward and adding an additional purchase, you automatically earn for that visit.

  • Yes, there are several ways to earn.

    • Scan your phone at the register or provide the cashier with your phone number to look up your account.
    • Scan or enter the code from your receipt. You can enter the code from your receipt on the app under Earn “Enter Receipt Barcode” or online here.
    • You automatically earn if you order online when signed in to your account whether it is through the app, on a desktop or using our mobile ordering site.
    • Redeem an existing reward during your visit and make an additional purchase.
  • No, you are only able to redeem one Reward per visit. Rewards cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

  • Yes, but the visit must be more than four hours apart. Offers cannot be combined in one single visit.

  • No worries, just scan the barcode on the receipt or grab the code from the receipt and enter it after selecting Earn followed by “Enter Receipt Barcode” or online here if you do not have a smartphone.

  • Yes, as an Online Ordering account holder, each time you order while being logged in, your order will automatically be tracked.

  • The barcode on your receipt expires 4 days after the date and time of purchase. Be sure to scan your receipt right away.

Rewards on a Desktop

  • If you are ordering online, please log in to Online Ordering with your account. When you go to checkout, any rewards you may have on your account will show up and you can apply them to your order.

    If you are at a restaurant, provide the cashier with the phone number associated with your account. They will be able to bring up any rewards you have on your account and apply it to your order.