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Noodles On The Go

Get your favorites even faster.

There are over one hundred kinds of noodles in the World and even more ways to enjoy them. From the office to the park to your sofa at home, Noodles is making it easier to get the flavors you love.

Quick Pickup

Quick Pickup

The most efficient route between you and Noodles.

Skip the line, not the flavor. Just order any of your favorites online or through our app and we’ll have your food ready for you at the Quick Pickup station when you arrive. You can even save your favorites and payment info for the future so ordering is quick, easy and accurate.


Noodles Delivery

Feel free to stay seated.

It’s Noodles with a side of convenience. Through the help of our trusted delivery partners like Grubhub and DoorDash, we’re bringing everything from Penne Rosa and Pesto Cavatappi to Zoodles directly to your door. To see if delivery is available in your area, visit our location page and search the restaurant near you. Delivery prices may vary from online or in-restaurant menus.

Pickup Window

Quick Pickup Window

Please no horses, snowmobiles or pogo sticks.

Ready for a delicious window into the future? We’re introducing Quick Pickup windows at several of our restaurants across the country. To see if there’s one by you, search our location page then order online or through the app and swing by the window to pick up your order.