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Add some flavor to your fundraising

Meet your fundraising goals with Noodles.

With a Noodles Fundraiser Night, it’s easier and tastier than ever to raise funds for your organization. We have tons of experience bringing good food and a good cause into one event with 25% of all qualifying sales going back to your organization. It’s how we’re turning favorites into funds for your cause.

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Noodles Fundraising

Offer Code on App

Fundraise from anywhere you get wifi.

Want to bring the joy of Noodles to your next fundraising event? A unique online code makes it easy for anyone to donate to your event when they order online or through the app.

Simply enter your code at check-out in the Offer Code box and click Apply. As a reminder, fundraising codes cannot be used in conjunction with points redemption, Noodles Rewards or other promotional codes.

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How Noodles & Company Gives Back

Noodles & Company cares about our community and gives back to organizations such as:

  • Schools: Pre-K – 12th grade
  • University & Colleges
  • Youth community groups
  • Ending children hunger causes
  • Libraries/Parks & Rec community centers
  • Community gardens
  • Food and sustainable agricultural groups
  • First responders


  • Catering
    Catering Gift certificates for up to 10 adults or kids up to $100 retail value
  • Noodles Auction Kit
    Noodles swag bag worth up to $150 retail value
  • Food Donation
    For events of over 1,000 people in attendance showcasing Noodles catering

For Catering, Noodles Auction Kits or Food Donation requests, click the button below.

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