Employee Appreciation Day Food Ideas

Employee Appreciation Day Catering Ideas

#1 - Order a catering package for an easy way to build a complete meal for your team.

Our pasta catering packages are a perfect place to start when trying to find the right food for an employee appreciation luncheon or dinner. 

Our 'Feed the Few' package feeds 10, with 1 pan, a Caesar salad to share, cheesy garlic bread as a side, and either a drink or dessert tray. Plus, the hot food hold kit is included to keep everything warm and delicious.

Have a larger team? Our 'Feed the Many' package has everything from above, plus a second pan, so that you can feed up to 20.

#2 - Pick some individual pasta and noodle catering pans to get the flavors you want.

If you have a smaller team, or want to add on more options, we also offer individual pans so you can pick specific pasta and noodle dishes.

You can order these alongside our catering packages, or order the pans by themselves.

#3 - Pick up a Mac and Cheese Catering Bar and let your team run wild with lunch creativity.

One idea we love is ordering our famous Mac Bar, a great mac and cheese catering option. Your team will get to enjoy our world-famous cheesy, delicious, and gooey mac and cheese, while making it their own with 8 toppings, 2 sauces, and a choice of protein. (Nothing builds creativity like the chance to build your own mac and cheese!)

Plus, experts say that bringing creativity into workplace helps foster innovation and increase productivity, so really the Mac Bar is an obvious choice for showing positive ROMI (return on mac and cheese-investment) to your broader organization.

#4 - Add some gluten-sensitive and vegetarian options to appeal to everyone.

We know it's important to have options for everyone to make your employee appreciation lunch a success. Whether you’re team is gluten-sensitive, vegetarian, counting calories or just counting on something delicious, there's an option for everyone with Noodles Catering.

Our Gluten-Sensitive Pipette Mac is a gluten-friendly crowd-pleaser, or our zucchini noodle catering pans keep things veggie-focused. Most of our catering pans can be ordered without protein, or you can pick IMPOSSIBLE™ Panko Chicken Made From Plants or seasoned tofu for vegetarian protein options.

#5 - Don't forget dessert!

Our dessert tray includes a mix of sweets that are the perfect end to a meal (or the perfect afternoon pick-me-up when everyone is back at their desks!). The dessert tray includes chocolate chunk cookies, snoodledoodle cookies with cinnamon and brown sugar, and our house-made famous rice crispies. 

For a team with a sweet tooth (which might actually be every team....), our desserts can be one of the biggest crowd-pleasers, and one of the best ways to show your gratitude.