How is Noodles & Company handling COVID-19?

There is no greater priority than the safety and wellbeing of our team members and guests. We always adhere to the highest food safety practices, and out of an abundance of caution, we have implemented enhanced practices to protect our team members and guests. For more information about these practices, please see below or reach out to our guest care team via

What enhanced practices is Noodles & Company currently following to keep guests safe?

  • Discontinuing the use of silverware and plastic tumblers. These items will be replaced with plastic cutlery and paper cups.
  • Increasing the mandatory handwashing to every 30 minutes at a minimum or when changing tasks.
  • Using hand sanitizer after each hand wash.
  • Completing health checks/symptom surveys at the beginning of each shift to ensure team members are not working while ill.
    • Managers will exclude any team member showing signs of illness.
  • Reinforcing our sick-leave policy for all team members.
  • Disinfecting all common areas of the restaurant every two hours or with more frequency.
  • Moving condiments such as Smolder from Boulder, Sriracha and lemons behind the counter to be provided upon request.

Have these practices been implemented at all locations?

Yes, the above enhanced procedures have been implemented at all company-owned Noodles locations.

Are you open regular hours?

Hours of operation vary by location.  Please visit to find out the hours of your local Noodles. 

Are you accepting cash payments?

We are currently only accepting credit and gift card payments.

How can I order Noodles without coming to the restaurant?

Ordering online is the best way to submit your orders in advance to take advantage of many safe pickup options including Quick Pickup and Delivery. Curbside Pickup is also available at a majority of locations as a convenient and safe way to grab your Noodles without leaving your car.

Does Noodles & Company have a drive-thru?

No. However, some locations do feature a convenient Pickup Window where you can order ahead, simply drive up to the window and get your order. To find out if your location offers a Pickup Window visit Noodles also offers other convenient options like Quick Pickup or Delivery, and even Curbside.

What steps are you taking to take care of your team members?

All salaried team members (AGMs/GMs/AMs) receive 10-15 days of PTO a year, plus an additional five days of health leave. We are continuously monitoring our policies to ensure we are providing the resources and flexibility our team members need at this time. We are actively working on a long-term paid sick leave policy for hourly team members. In addition, we have initiated a team member support hotline, as well as developed a team member resource guide which includes many resources like free virtual doctor visits, financial and emotional resources, and other tools to help our team members through COVID. The Noodles & Company Foundation was created to help improve the well-being of our team members by being there in times of sudden crisis, providing them and their family members educational opportunities and allowing us to give back to the communities we serve.