Noodles Celebrates Employee Appreciation Day with All Team Members

February 28th, 2023

On March 2, Noodles & Company is treating every restaurant employee like its own with a free bowl of Noodles to celebrate the hard work and dedication of food service workers everywhere.

Noodles & Company, the national fast-casual chain known for spreading Uncommon Goodness with its globally inspired noodle bowls, best-in-class service, and values-centric culture is going above and beyond this Employee Appreciation Day. This year, Noodles is honoring not only its more than 8,000 team members, but all restaurant workers who dedicate themselves to outstanding service every day. March 3, 2023, is Employee Appreciation Day, and in celebration of this on March 2, restaurant workers from any restaurant brand across the country are invited to enjoy a free bowl at Noodles. 

The food service industry has faced insurmountable challenges over the past few years and stress has become all too common, which is why Noodles has decided to do something uncommon to make a difference for restaurant workers everywhere. With this one-of-a-kind offer, Noodles is highlighting how much the Company values all food service workers, regardless of whether they wear a Noodles name tag. Known for its hospitality and dedication to Uncommon Goodness, Noodles believes that all industry workers deserve to be celebrated.  

“This offer is our way of giving back to all those who make good food moments possible. It doesn’t matter if you work at a big restaurant or small, or in the front of the house or back, we’re offering free bowls of Noodles for all to take a break and experience what Noodles has to offer,” said Stacey Pool, chief marketing officer at Noodles & Company. “We have the highest regard for our team members, and we are committed to putting our people first, which is why we wanted to find an uncommonly good way to extend that mission beyond our team members.”  

In addition to this offer, and all the other great benefits offered by Noodles to their team members, the company is also introducing a new program to their existing benefits package. As the newest addition, Noodles has partnered with WellCents to provide eligible team members with a comprehensive financial wellness program. Through WellCents, team members can plan their financial future, set financial goals, and speak one-on-one to financial experts. In addition to this new benefit, all team members have access to LifeWorks, Noodles’ employee assistance program, which provides financial planning support in addition to mental health resources and counseling. 


All restaurant team members enjoy a free bowl on March 2nd.

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