Noodles & Company Introduces IMPOSSIBLE™ Chicken Nationwide

Oct. 18, 2022

Noodles is proud to announce the national launch of Impossible™ Chicken, a plant-based protein option made by Impossible Foods. Noodles' new Impossible™ Panko Chicken offering is now available as a protein option across its menu nationwide, as well as part of two new dishes, following successful market tests of both the protein and Impossible™ Orange Chicken Lo Mein in March 2022.

Noodles has something for every lifestyle and dietary preference including plant-based and health-conscious menu options perfect for guests with a vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian diet. With Noodles' customizable menu, guests can now add Impossible Panko Chicken to any dish. Noodles also offers a nutrition calculator on its website that makes it easy for guests to find a meal that perfectly suits their needs.

"We're intentional about the quality and freshness of ingredients we serve, which made choosing Impossible for the national launch of our newest plant-based protein the obvious choice for us," said Stacey Pool, chief marketing officer at Noodles & Company. "After testing Impossible Chicken in several markets this past spring, we received overwhelming feedback that Impossible tastes just like chicken. This positive feedback coupled with Impossible's values and commitment to the environment made them a great partner for us and I feel confident guests will love this uncommonly good addition to our menu."

Impossible Chicken holds its own on both flavor and nutrition when compared to animal chicken. With a golden, crispy panko breadcrumb coating; a juicy and springy white meat texture; and a savory chicken flavor, it contains 12 grams of protein and no cholesterol per 80 gram serving. It also offers 25% less total fat and 40% less saturated fat per serving compared to the animal version. In addition to its nutritional benefits, Impossible Chicken is a positive choice for the planet as well, responsible for less land use, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions than animal chicken nuggets.


Impossible LEANguini Rosa

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