Noodles Provides Schools With Nutritious Lunch Options

August 2022

As part of our mission to nourish and inspire the communities we serve, Noodles & Company has provided healthy lunches to schools across the nation. Over the past several years, Noodles has partnered with companies such as Wholesome Foods, YAY Lunch, and My Hot Lunchbox to find schools that do not have a lunch program in place and can benefit from our services.

Through these three partnerships alone, Noodles has provided up to $560,000 worth of meals and is the top selected lunch from the options offered. Many of the schools that benefit from these services consist of private and charter schools, both elementary and high school, that want to provide lunch options for the faculty and student body. By ordering lunches through our partners, schools can receive 10% off their order and choose specific days throughout the school year to schedule Noodles lunches, making it easy to provide students with nutritious, affordable meals.  

Noodles & Company Kids Meals

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