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Noodles Rewards

The Noodles you love just got more rewarding.

Introducing a loyalty program that just might be the only thing that can make the noodles you love even more rewarding.

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We've made some tasty changes to Noodles Rewards. Now you can earn points, track rewards and order even easier.

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Noodles Restaurant

Eating is earning, & earning is good.

Noodles Rewards has three member tiers, each one with its own delicious perks. The more you noodle, the faster you’ll reach the next tier and the farther your dollars will go towards the noodles, offers and freebies you crave.

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Rewards FAQ

3 Tasty Tiers


0-1600 pts.

8 Points

$1 = 8 points


1601 - 6600 pts.

1O points

$1 = 10 points


6601+ pts.

12 points

$1 = 12 points


The more Noodles you eat, the more points you enjoy. It's a delicious cycle.

Now, it’s easy to earn points and even more delicious to redeem them. You can redeem them early and often or save them up for something big. From dessert on us, to Noodles catering for your group – enjoy the rewards that are right for you.

  • Extra Add-On150
  • Free Side Salad & Mac300
  • Regular Fountain Drink300
  • Free Side Soup350
  • Dessert (Crispy or Cookie)350
  • Protein Add-On575
  • Small Shareable600
  • Regular Shareable850
  • Small Entree1150
  • Kids Meal1200
  • Regular Entree1500

Rewards with a side of convenience.


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Get your Noodles even faster when you order online. Now you can save your favorite orders and locations to easily reorder with a few clicks.

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Find Locations

We can help find the Noodles that’s closest to you. Use the app to find the nearest location or just follow the sweet, sweet smell of pesto.


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