Noodles & Company Furthers Its Sustainability Commitment With Transition to Aardvark Paper Straws in all 450+ locations

February 2022

As of March 2022, Noodles & Company has fully transitioned to Aardvark paper straws in all restaurants across the country.

"In the same way that we care about and nourish our team members, guests, and communities, we believe we have a responsibility to support our planet and contribute to making the future brighter for generations to come," said Stacey Pool, chief marketing officer at Noodles & Company. "This transition allows us to move one step closer towards our commitment to creating a better world."

Noodles' new paper straws, supplied by Aardvark, are durable and can last over three hours without deteriorating in soft drinks or water. The straws are certified BPI compostable, FDA approved, naturally degradable, and made in the U.S. Noodles & Company plans to fully transition paper straws into all its locations by March 2022. This change will remove nearly 21,000 pounds of plastic from the Company's waste stream annually.


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Noodles drink with compostable straw